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19 November 2021 @ 07:39 am
i have some rules ... friends only ctnd.  
I think this is a perfect time to make this little rule...


*these rules are not to make me a bitch, I just want to state a few things that might make me de-friend you*
1. Please DO NOT make an ass out of yourself in my journal, feel free to do that in your own journal.
2. If you want to become friends with my friends, do not keep on making small conversations with them in my entries, thats what the messaging system is for. I do not mind if it's just "may I add you?" but conversations please refrain.
3. I don't always expect people to comment on EVERY SINGLE entry, but please if you add me for a reason, please comment every once in a while (as I will do the same in your journal).
4. Please use proper english, I do not know many other languages. AnD d0 nOt tYpE lYke D1S, it's annoying and please if possible do not write like "ttly" (for totally) or srsly (for "seriously"). It just makes you look like an idiot! And loud obnoxious colors, my default color is fine.
5. And this is probably the biggest thing! All of you know by now know who my ichiban is ... PLEASE REFRAIN FROM saying things like, "Wow that's how I feel for him!" or "you made me fall in love with him more", especially about Keiichiro.

These rules are NOT to make me look like a bitch, I just have some issues and I wanted to state them.

If you can follow these, I'm sure we will have no issues at all becoming friends...if you have a problem with one of these rules, let me know or unfriend me. It's that easy...

Thank you for reading...
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