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koya's kitty

WoW *World of Wendi*

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Wendi-chan ~ ♥Koya's Kitty♥~
22 August 1981
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welcome to my profile ... you have come accross the journal of a random fangirl! my life life is filled is many things that i love and it keeps me happy. to start my name is wendi i am 29 years of age and i hail from a small town in the state of minnesota. i am a working girl and im trying to make a living and some how get my ass to japan in a few years, would be nice. i love cats! i have three beautiful "children" Tobi-won-kenobi, Reila and Smokey. i love tattoos and piercings, currently have 13 piercings and 5 tattoos. if you want to know more about me, shoot me a message &hearts
my fandoms ... my main fandom is japanese and korean. my main obsession Is Keiichiro Koyama (member of Johnny's Entertainment group NEWS)... NUFF SAID! bands and groups i usually have on my playlist : NEWS, the GazettE, Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki, Girugamesh, UVERworld, Koda Kumi, Gackt, Utada Hikaru, SHINee, BIG BANG, KAT-TUN, KinKi Kids, misc. Johnny's Entertainment boys &hearts ... and much more
communities i mod
worthless_art, my lovely home, with my amazing wife, Ducky (yamisama)
jrock_blogcrews, the craze that is blog crews.
neko_chi_crews, I am hosting my personal blog crews here.
neko_shares, my file sharing community.
ima_wa, RANDOM TO THE EXTREME ... aprettyeternity & mine comm .. mainly for pic spams, but we don't know yet, lol ... IMA WA! XD
nippon_news, a scan collection for the Japanese boygroup NEWS.
private_x_love, my other personal graphics community.
koyama love
I wanted to add this one in my profile thing too cause this guy means so much to me. when i first saw him i was ultimately attracted to him, and that just exploded. I still don't really know what it is about him that i'm so in love with, but i know that it was something big. there have been people who have been getting "pissy" or "offended" of my personal icon's of him, to them i say FUCK YOU, it's none of your concern of what i put on my PERSONAL ICONS or banners, after all they are ONLY GRAPHICS, i know i have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER with Kei or ANYONE in the "industry", and i'm cool with that. but please it's really immature that you get is in hussy-fit about a fucking little icon, grow the fuck up, i have every right to put what i want on MY OWN GRAPHICS. and i do that so people don't take them, i know there are those who DO take them, yes it pisses me off, but i'm not going to hunt you down and yell at you to remove them from your site or whatever. but back to keiichiro, he just makes me smile with every thing he does! his smile just makes me feel like he will always be happy (and that makes me really happy). i really don't see his just as "another pretty face/voice", i've never encountered someone as amazing as him, and if i ever get the chance to tell him this, i really hope he gets 'moved' or just realizes he's not just another boy in a pop group. his personality is so awesome, the way he treats the juniors is just like a big brother does, and i know he is respected by his sempais as well. he's really making a name for himself, and i can't help be be so proud of him, he's really made it far and deserves the credit he's getting. i wish he had come in my life a lot sooner, but other im still happy of my other fandoms as well. christ im really starting to babble, i just wish there was a way for me to tell him how special i think he is, and not just writing a letter, cause i never know if those get through. im going to stop there, i don't know if anyone will actually read this, but i got it out ... keiichiro koyama, thank you from all of my heart for just being who you are, and don't EVER CHANGE, please ... and keep smiling, it looks good on you.

Profile Template by lost_americana, Jirou Drawing NO CLUE, I do not know who made this wonderful drawing but i love it so dearly, if you know who made it, please tell me the only credit im taking is the graphic itself

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
keiichiro koyama
were married on
August 19, 2008
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layout by realsoon (modified a little by me), graphics by me-Wendi- ... if icons say do not take, please to not take ... same goes for any graphic that is made for me ... don't mean to be a bitch

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